Robson, B.   “I brought my mom who is 94 to her visit. She has dementia and the staff was so sweet and caring with her.  Dr. Patrick Tsai explained the tests very patiently.”

Federico, C. “Dr Mai & Dr. Tsai are extremely courteous and professional. No wonder my husband recommended them so highly.”

Bottlinger, J. “All staff especially the doctors are wonderful!”

Mason, C. “This extraordinary doctor and his staff were exceptionally well trained, courteous, direct, attentive, caring, and quickly answered all my questions. Very impressive treatment. One staff member made sure my husband and I were safe on leaving your building, through the lobby doors. Very experienced people all of them!! And Dr. Tsai - you are impressive in so many ways. I’ve seen too many doctors for my eyes over the years. Your direct, quick, responsive answers to my questions are reflected in the attitude and abilities that I see in your staff. You were so quick, correct, anticipatory, attentive to the medical records I brought with me and delightful in getting me to finally give them to you! You understood immediately why I had brought them, like 2 well-oiled machines, I totally enjoyed our interactions, as did my husband.”

Pedroza, A. “All were excellent!  Better than any words.  If you want the best eye care, come to see Dr. Tsai and Dr. Mai”

Young, O.  “The service I received by Dr. Tsai was outstanding . I felt safer for the eye pressure check and comfortable for the visual field test. Thanks to Dr Tsai for his kindness and top-notch quality care. And his staff was all professional. Marisol (receptionist) was very helpful. Thank you!”

Jean, R. “They were all commendable for their amazing service!”

Lassar, J. “Love the spacious, clean, and efficient new space! Felt very safe sitting in the waiting room RE: Covid. Dr. Patrick Tsai was, as always, knowledgeable and kind. His assistant was also wonderful. Thank you for doing a great job despite this horrific pandemic.”

Carol Fabrizo. “I have been seeing Dr. Tsai for many years. He performed laser surgery on both eyes and cataract surgery on both eyes. Both surgeries were painless and the best part of the cataract surgery was not needing glasses which I have worn for 45 years. He is very caring and called me the following day after each procedure. I am currently being treated for glaucoma and Dr. Tsai is keeping my problem under control. I highly recommend him as well as his staff who are top notch, in my opinion.” 

Michael Blomquist. “Office personnel are very caring, helpful, and professional. My wife had cataract surgery and was very anxious the morning of the procedure. The office staff at the surgery center were kind and understanding of her special needs. She will have to return later this month for the same procedure on her other eye, but with much less anxiety.”

Alice Walsh. “Over the years, I have had a number of problems with my eyes from infections to vision issues. Dr. Tsai has always provided prompt, helpful, and excellent solutions. He's attentive and cares; and he knows what he's doing. A true medical professional!”

Diana Quintanar. “Every employee in the office was friendly and professional! The techs were professional and explained every test before they performed them. Dr Tsai was friendly, thorough and patient. It was a very good experience from start to finish.”

Gordy Parkhill. “Dr Tsai is by far the most professional and patient oriented physicians I have ever had in any medical discipline. I just had my first cataract surgery by Dr Tsai and everything has come out very well. Dr Tsai even called me after office hours the day of my surgery to see how things were going. After only two days my eyesight in that eye is spectacular, truly amazing, in fact. Extremely clear vision and bright colors. I'm looking forward to having my second eye done by Dr Tsai in a couple weeks. I would highly recommend Dr Tsai to anyone anticipating cataract surgery.”

Youmi. “This is the best ophthalmologist I have ever met. Introduced to all my family and friends. 10/10 not only 5/5 stars.”